Dynamite and Disney are getting set to release Gargoyles Quest #2 on May 15, with creator/writer Greg Weisman and artist Pasquale Qualano leading the book. Fans of the epic series can look for covers from Clayton Crain, Jae Lee, and Drew Moss.
Check out the issue’s synopsis here:
Demona’s terrible quest for the three New Keys to Power is picking up speed, and as the Manhattan Clan sees her plan beginning to unfold, their efforts to keep her from succeeding become more and more desperate!
Writer and Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN and artist PASQUALE QUALANO ratchet up the tension in this newest chapter of the ongoing Gargoyles saga – featuring high-octane covers by CLAYTON CRAIN, JAE LEE, and DREW MOSS!
Ahead of the debut of Gargoyles Quest #2, The Beat has a preview of some covers and interior pages. Take a look here before the May 15 release!