It goes without saying that the new ThundeCats series from Dynamite and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products is an undeniable success. Today the publisher unleashed details for new story arc reuniting writer Declan Shalvey with ongoing artist Drew Moss that will debut the team’s trademark vehicle, the Thundertank.

Official description from the publisher.

Following June’s issue #5 with guest artist Stephen Mooney (Half Past Danger, The Rocketeer) and a focus on Cheetara’s training of Lion-O, the unstoppable tag team of Shalvey and Moss realign for this exciting next step in the epic journey. With the ThunderCats now more settled on their new home planet of Third Earth, it’s time for them to make it their home.

Fans will get to see Drew’s new artistic vision of the team’s base. Even more exciting will be the debut of the Thundertank into the series! Though Lion-O remains the central figure of the series, this arc will shift a bit from each core character issue to issue, showing their relationship with the young upstart heroic leader. Panthro powers up their iconic vehicle to kick off this new arc with a bang. While on a quest to track down sources of Thundrainium, the warrior recalls back to the days of Thundara before its destruction, Lion-O’s time as a cub, but he can’t reminisce too much. He’ll find himself attacked by Mu’Tants and along the way learn more of the history of Third Earth, its penal colony past and the irony of now using it as a sanctuary.

In addition, Dynamite also announced ThunderCats #6 will also debut special guest cover artist Rahzzah who joins by the continuing regular cover contributors of David Nakayama, Lucio Parrillo, Shalvey, Jae Lee, Ivan Tao, and an action figure variant.

ThunderCats #6 will be in stores this July. Check out some covers here!

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