The Sandman Season 2 confirms the cast of the remaining Endless members of the family. The casting choices include Esmé Creed-Miles as Delirium, Adrian Lester as Destiny, and Barry Sloane as “The Prodigal”. Together these new family members join the already showcased Endless including Tom Sturridge as Dream, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, Mason Alexander Park as Desire, and Donna Preston as Despair.

For those unaware, the Endless represents the anthropomorphized actualizations of other-worldly concepts and aspirations. For instance, Dream is both the master of what occurs in the realm of sleep and the innermost goals and hopes of the future for every living being in existence. The same can be said of desire, despair, and even, death, who represent the end of all things.

Since the Endless family are concepts that predate time itself it’s proven difficult to portray these larger-than-life roles. Many of the personas require a grandiose presence balanced with intimate and intricate connections that tie them to their humane stories. Still, the casting choices have been promising as we detail down below.

Esmé Creed-Miles plays the fan-favorite character of Delirium. Meant to be portrayed as a manic pixie-like character rife with imaginative thoughts, Delirium’s attention shifts at the drop of a hat. Which is why Creed-Miles has a lot of work cut out for her.

The actress is best known for playing the lead role in the Prime video TV series Hanna, where she played a pre-programmed young girl assassin. Between this and Creed-Miles’s reel of credits, it’s obvious she has enough incredible acting skills to pull this off. This casting choice will be the one to watch on screen that most people will be looking forward to.

Adrian Lester plays Destiny, the serious-faced narrator and older brother to the family. Lester is a classically trained actor and Tony award nominee with a longstanding career in theatre, film, and TV. His previous experience playing strong narrators along with strong authority male leads makes this choice easily a no-brainer win in terms of casting. 

Then finally there is the prodigal son, also known as to comics fans, as Destruction. For this role, fans of the comics are looking for a strong man tough guy which is exactly who was casted with Barry Sloane. The actor had previously played Captain Price in the Call of Duty video game franchise. He also has played a series of cops including Deputy Zachary Heflin in Longmire and as a Navy Seal on Six. More importantly, for the prodigal’s presence on screen, a degree of finesse is needed, and I think fans will be looking to the creative and softer sides of the character – which is what you can get with actor Barry Sloane. 

Though no official date has been announced for The Sandman Season 2, everyone knows that it’s coming sometime in 2025. It will be one of the most anticipated arcs of the series as this season adapts the critically acclaimed Season of Mists storyline, one of the best stories of Sandman outside of its epic finale.

The season will also delve a lot more into the family and will see Neil Gaiman’s work focused onto storylines portraying what he does best: Gods and family melodrama.