Looking for a new graphic novel to read on a chilly November evening? This week’s pick for the Small Press Spotlight might be what you seek. 

Renegade Arts Entertainment is set to release Genghis Con tomorrow, Thursday, November 4, and we have an exclusive sneak preview of the 112-page comic. Written by Yi-Sung Oliver Ho (Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 1 & 2, Holmes Incorporated, Low Society, Heady Mental) and Daniel Reynolds (Point Man, Toronto Comics Anthology Vols. 1, 2, & 5, Strange Romance Vol. 1 & 2, and Hogtown Horror), the comic is illustrated by Chris Peterson and colored by Ruth Redmond. Taylor Esposito completes the creative team on letters.

Read details from the publisher below:

Genghis Con is the story of guilt-ridden grifter, Alexis, who seeks redemption for herself and justice for her sister, Abigail, by taking part in a win or die rally race from England into the mountains of Mongolia. Along the way, she must team up with her erstwhile lover and fend off attacks from parties unknown, including one particularly ruthless gangster. Meanwhile, the spirit of a mysterious Mongol warrior haunts Alexis on her journey.

Genghis Con is an unusual story: a crime and family drama crossed with illegal international road racing, told with humour and drive. It features a biracial heroine and it touches on issues of racial identity, sibling rivalry, and the weight of memory. It will appeal to adults and young adults. It’s been a passion project created by two Canadian writers with a Canadian artist, colourist, and book designer.”

Check out an exclusive look at Genghis Con here!