The Small Press Spotlight has its eye on Renegade Arts Entertainment, starting with Electric Vice, the second book in the publisher’s Pass Me By series.  Kyle Simmers (illustrator) and Ryan Danny Owen (visual artist) are the creators behind this installment, which bounces between past and present as Ed goes through dementia and the effects of a fading mind. A song from his youth in the 1970s sparks his memories as the main character relives his days touring with the outrageous glam rock band, Electric Vice. 

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“1973: a chance encounter between Ed and the captivating androgynous singer of the pulse-pounding glam rock band ELECTRIC VICE, pulls Ed into a world of mascara, weathered leather, platform heels, and neon. Book 2 in the award-winning series. A queer love story set in the outrageous world of 1970s glam rock. Pass Me By: Electric Vice is a journey of self-discovery, heartache, glam rock, and love. An inverted coming of age story about understanding queer identity and what happens to the stories you never tell.”

Electric Vice is the follow-up to the award-winning Gone Fishin’ and is available on the publisher’s website. The company is also having a virtual launch with Glad Day books in Toronto on October 27, with drag queen Zackey Lime serving as host. 

Electric Vice

The Beat received an exclusive preview of the book. Check out the pages below before snagging your copy!