In Pass Me By: Gone Fishin’, Ed’s memory is on the decline. The retired man living in a small northern Canadian town seems to lose touch with the present more and more each day due to dimentia, but what he does gain is a trip back into his past to a time he’d rather forget. While he spends his time fishing and ordering the same meal at the local diner with his friend Rory, his thoughts get lost in the 1970s when he toured rural Canada in a glam rock band. But as time goes on and he grows more disoriented, familiar spaces and those memories may be in danger of disappearing forever.

Published by Renegade Arts Entertainment, the 128-page queer romantic tragedy is written and Illustrated by Kyle Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen. In a beautiful and poignant way, the tale centers on stories that have gone untold for too long and what happens when those memories begin to fade. Simmers says in a statement, “Pass Me By is a way for me to have conversations that I desperately wanted to have but also felt like I couldn’t.”

Pass Me By: Gone Fishin’ will be available beginning November 6. Preorder on the publisher’s website or stop by your local comic shop next month. Ahead of the release, The Beat received an exclusive and extended preview of the cover and a few interior pages.

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