Fans who were floored the the season 5 finale of Riverdale won’t need to wait around long for answers, as Riverdale season 6 is set to debut Tuesday, November 16. The trailer dropped yesterday, and boy is it a doozy.

Unlike the slow start of season 5, which had to quickly finish up the plotlines of the Covid-19 pandemic shortened season 4Riverdale season 6 is taking off like a bat out of hell, with a five-week event guest starring none other than Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (Kiernan Shipka). It always seemed odd that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale existed in the same universe in nearby towns, but while Riverdale has long dealt with pseudo-witchcraft, Sabrina deals in actual witchcraft. Not only is Sabrina guest-starring during this event, but by Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch)’s reaction, they know each other.

Besides Sabrina, the Devil is also coming to Riverdale, but it’s not The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Luke Cook. Though, maybe like in many comic book universes, this Devil isn’t Lucifer, who Luke Cook played. Regardless, this Devil, or purported Devil according to Veronica (Camila Mendes), is a bit slenderer and blonder.

The Devil comes to Riverdale

A couple of ghoulish figures feature prominently throughout the trailer as well.

Abigail Blossom, is that you?

One ghoul stalks Toni (Vanessa Morgan) through the halls of Riverdale High, with Toni defiantly announcing, “I know who you are!” I think Toni thinks it’s Cheryl. But looking at that high collar, could that be the ghost of Abigail Blossom, coming to seek revenge on not only the descendants of her killers, but also on the woman who broke her descendant’s heart?

Riverdale ghoul: Abigail or Cheryl?

We see the ghoul’s face and it certainly does look a lot like Abigail, who is a spitting image of Cheryl. I wonder if Abigail, like Cheryl, had a twin brother who met a gruesome demise. Could that be the identity of the other ghoul?

Riverdale ghoul

Cheryl is recruiting! At the end of season 5, she announced that Thornhill would transform into a school for girls. It looks like school is in session, as Britta is joined by many other girls doing some sort of ritual involving small voodoo dolls. We’ve seen similar dolls in the Gryphons & Gargoyles days of Riverdale, but these look different.

Thornhill girls

The other big news to come out of the trailer is that Toni’s baby may have a new playmate soon, as Betty (Lili Reinhart) tells Archie (KJ Apa), “There’s nothing more that I want than to have your baby.” Though I wonder if this is swerve, and when the full episode airs, the line is the first half of a line meaning the opposite, like “…but I’m not sure if I’m ready for kids.”

The other couple coming out of the season 5 finale, Veronica and Reggie (Charles Melton), seem to be on rocky terrain already. She storms into his office and narrowly misses when throwing something at his head.

The Riverdale season 6 trailer certainly poses many questions. The good news being fans won’t have to wait long for answers. The 5 episode season 6 kickoff event starts in a just a few weeks, on Tuesday, November 16, on the CW and streams on the CW app the next day on Wednesday, November 17.