The cover to The Paybacks (left), a new Dark Horse series by writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal and artist Geoff Shaw bears a striking resemblance to JG Jones’ covers for Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, written by Greg Rucka (right).

Doncha think?

Seen on JG Jones FB page so expect a bit of real life “payback” coming soon.


  1. All the artist had to do was credit JG Jones, making it an homage cover, yeah? Many artists do the homage thing to classic covers of years gone by, is that wrong too?

  2. There’s a line between an homage and being Shia LaBeouf. Comics have a grand/infamous history of using swipes, but while stealing a pose is one thing, swiping everything including the original artist’s idea is not a way to respect the original or put an ironic twist on it. I understand that The Paybacks is a series that has its’ tongue firmly planted in its’ cheek, but the lack of attribution on the drawing makes it just look like a stolen joke.

    Personally, this looks like a Full Shia to me.

  3. Posted by JG Jones himself:

    “Hey folks, Thanks for all of the love, and ink spilled on my behalf. Let me say that I heard from Dony Cates on this, and he assures me that it was meant as a straight up homage. He says that Dark Horse will print as much on the inside cover.”

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