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Comics Beat contributor Seth Ferranti has had a long and storied past.  A writer well and truly familiar with life on the streets, Ferranti began picking up the craft of writing while serving a 25 year sentence in the Federal Bureau of Prisons for acting as the kingpin of an LSD empire.

Ferranti released his first prose book while in prison, has written for Vice, and has conducted interviews with offbeat creators like Dirk Manning and superstars like Brian Wood for us.  Now, he’s combining his love of comics and knowledge of America’s underworld to unleash a Kickstarter for his graphic novel Supreme Team, which is about “the rise of the street legends that would set the tone of gangster rap.”

IMG_2990Ferranti is teaming up with producer Anthony Mathenia and illustrator Joe Wills, a former marine who spent most of his tenure in Japan.  Set in 1980s Queens back before New York was hip, Ferranti and Mathenia chronicle the journey that the real life Supreme Team took to become the kings of the local drug scene as well as the hard war they fought to keep their thrones.


The Graphic Novel is set to come out in 2016 through indie comics publisher Stache, with a preview chapter to release at the end of this year.  You can pledge to the Kickstarter now and earn some cool rewards, including the honor of having yourself drawn into the book.



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