Okay… we’re straightening up here at the Undisclosed Location in Brooklyn (where I spent the weekend dog/house sitting… mmmm…. air conditioning…), and here are the remnants of reports from Comic-Con.

It’s been a crazy five days, with lots of Zeitgeists in the air, but we’ll leave that to our crack ground crew who surfed the panel grid like Mohican iron workers. (I’ll be joining them next year, as I partake of the Nerd Triathalon (D23, Disneyland, Comic-Con) over 10+days.)

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The hilarious and heartwarming Craigslist ‘missed connections’ that came out of Comic-Con this year

This is why I carry business cards. Nobody every contacts me, but at least I have fewer regrets.

Comic-Con: Saving The World, One Transgender Trope At A Time

The panelists offered some thoughts:

1. “Stop making trans women into villains, either as a punch line or by making it the sole reason the trans woman is even in the story.” – Julie Rei Goldstein
2. “No more looking in the mirror. Just stop with the trans folks painfully gazing at their reflection.” – Shadi Petosky
3. “Let’s eliminate the trope that trans men have the superpower of invisibility.” –Mikki del Monico
4. “That we were born in the wrong body, e.g. man trapped in a woman’s body.” –Bishakh Som
5. “I’m really tired of jokes portraying trans people as deceptive cross-dressers, and in general, the presentation of trans people as being mock-worthy.” – Billy White Acre

China makes presence at Comic-Con 2016

Roam the floors at conventions like Comic-Con in Western countries, and you are sure to find an Asian influence, particularly from Japanese manga comics. Korean K-pop culture has also recently become popular in the West. As for recent Chinese pop culture, however, the influence is far less.

Le Vision Pictures’s Vice President Liu Peiyao is confident that there will be a very big change in that regard. “In 2017, it’s estimated the box office in China will become the largest market in the world,” Le said. “That’s why we think it will be a good opportunity for the Western world to be interested in Chinese culture and what young people in China like.”

Madison grad focuses his lens on Comic-Con in San Diego

Madison graduate Austin Mabe is an Ohio State student with a summer internship in California.

But beyond that fantastic opportunity he’s also found a way to make the summer even more memorable. Last week he made a day trip and shot photos at Comic-Con in San Diego.

“It was a nostalgic feeling,” Mabe said. “It felt like I was whisked away to a world of my favorite video games and movies. everything from princesses to the walking dead gathered in this one place to express their fandom.”

See the ‘Star Wars’–Inspired Dress Made Out of 10,000 Legos

Eckstein, 34, who voices a heroic Jedi named Ahsoka Tano in the popular animated series, teamed up with world-renowned Lego artist Nathan Sawayafor the floor-length creation. He made her a sleeveless Star Wars–inspired sheath dress, a twist on the little black dress, crafted from 10,000 Lego bricks and featuring the face of her character in profile.

Comic-Con is over, but one Spider-Man is still hanging out at the airport

But this model of Spider-Man is more soup-er hero than super hero.

That’s because it’s covered with labels from a “special edition” Spider-Man soup from Campbell’s set to come out this fall. (It will be filled with pasta in shapes of the super hero, webs and his emblem.)

In all, more than 1,000 soup cans — some the traditional red-and-white labels favored by artist Andy Warhol — were used to create the model built in Nashville and shipped to San Diego for Comic-Con.

The Spider-Man model will stand at the airport until Sunday.

Talks to keep Comic-Con in San Diego beyond 2018 to begin in earnest

Glanzer added they’d like to see the Convention Center expanded and Comic-Con does not support the San Diego Chargers’ plan to include convention space in their proposed downtown stadium.

“Anything that is a separate building really; we don’t view it as an expansion,” said Glanzer. “It’s another separate building and there are challenges to that.”

He’s ALSO in the League! Jason Momoa proves he’s a super dad as he brings adorable son to Comic-Con

He might be one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men, but it’s his role as father that truly makes him a star.

And Jason Momoa proved to be the coolest dad around when he brought son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, seven, to Comic-Con on Saturday.

The 36-year-old actor shared a shot of his little one on Instagram, which included his Justice League castmembers as well.


Safe for work.

Star Wars Photographer Gets Comic Con Feature

Stuart Robertson, a father of two from Scotland, recreated scenes from Star Wars using action figures and made it to San Diego Comic-Con.

Robertson’s toy photography has already attracted fans from all around the world with more than 14,000 followers on Instagram(and growing) and was asked to exhibit his work at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The 43-year-old factory worked started his toy photography hobby two years ago and it caught on. He previously had no training in photography and started taking photos on a compact camera.

I believe a book is in the works…

Five Things Every Librarian Should Do at Comic-Con

f you think an American Library Association (ALA) conference is a wild ride, strap on your seat belt for the top five things every librarian needs to do at Comic-Con.

I’ve done both (but not in the same year).  The five suggestions they have here, are valid for everyone, at any event.

And now, the last of the Getty Images:

A marriage proposal, at the Supernatural panel.

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