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In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, then came Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, who made going commando a new method for avoiding suspicion as a crime perpetrator. And deluxe statue maker Blitzway is commemorating this immortal moment in movie history with an “incredibly realistic ¼ scale release” that’s part of their Superb Scale Statues line.

The 12″ high statue will set you back a mere $429.99 when it’s released in February. However you can get a sneak peek at the Bluefin booth (#401) at this year’s San Diego.

Please note that in her sparkling white outfit, and with her legs crossed, Stone’s character, Catherine Trammel, radiates “dignity, confidence and poise.” 

Is there anyone who can resist her secret and deadly seduction? Experience Catherine Tramell’s secret and irresistible whisper that is sharper than ice, making what you already know irrelevant and powerless.

“What are you gonna do? Charge me with smoking?”

– Catherine Tramell

She is mysterious and audacious, with an irresistibly sensual and glamorous beauty…boasting of sexual attraction and danger. BLITZWAY and Bluefin are pleased to present Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct. This unique and alluring rendering depicts the sexy icon and movie star of American cinema and is sure to be a centerpiece of any ardent fan’s collection.
Stone portrayed Catherine Tramell, the heinous and atrocious femme fatale from the acclaimed 1992 neo-noir crime thriller that was directed by Paul Verhoeven that also starred Michael Douglas. BLITZWAY presents the sultry actress as she appeared in one of the film’s most famous scenes – a tense and memorable police interrogation. Collectors will appreciate Stone’s meticulously sculpted facial expression and crossed legs that complement her body’s expression of dignity, confidence and poise.0

BLITZWAY utilized new facial printing technology to achieve an extremely high level of realism. The statue, which nearly 12½-inches tall, is further accented by a screen accurate costume constructed of special fabrics to portray her dress’s unmistakable silhouette and realistic wrinkles along with a period correct chair and other realistic accessories that complete the setting and accent the atmosphere from the film’s notorious interrogation scene.