If you’re a journalist covering Comic-Con, getting in Tuesday makes sense – hotel rooms are cheap and plentiful and it gives you time to get the lay of the land. The Beat arrived midday and then spent time profitably by wandering aimlessly around downtown and making live stream videos of it! Sadly Periscope doesn’t let you directly embed their feed, because it’s 217 and who embeds video after all? But you can embed a tweet!



  • I discuss the FYE pop-up superhero shop at the mall, selling DC, Marvel and Walking Dead march among other things. I didn’t want to film inside but I took some photos.

They were also selling jewel-toned drinks from Japan.


  • In a moment of Vasco de Game like excitement, I found the holy grail of my San Diego convention research: a “San Diego Welcomes ESRI” sign, concrete proof that ancient map muddlers spent money on stylish leisurewear at Macy’s.

Screenshot 2017-07-19 06.42.17

  • Absolutely no trip to San Diego for Comic-Con is complete without a trip to CVS! Although its a lot less interesting than it was when it was a Longs. ALSO a look at the top secret IMAX activation under construction.

IMG_6941It really was quiet here. I didn’t run into anyone! That never happens.

Also, the elevator wrap for the hotel where I’m staying is The Inhumans so you have the massive heads of Anson Mount, Serinda Swan and Iwan Rheon staring at you. The effect is a bit troubling.


More tomorrow when things REALLY kick into gear!