As opposed to this mornings’ intimate view of Jason Momoa’s bare feet, we’re way in the back for the Marvel Studios panel. However we’ll endeavor to bring you all the action. 

So far the action involves fire marshals. The room is absolutely packed. I haven’t seen Hall H this excited in a while! 

* And Chris Hardwick is out to moderate. Double dipper!!! 

* we open with a feature the with Pail Rudd and Michael Pen going over the previous outings in the Marvel U with such in jokes as showing a shot of RDJ as Charlie Chaplin every time they are mentioned.

* This leads to the announcement of Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet van Dyne. She and Evangeline Lilly complain about suits that don’t have access to go to the bathroom. 
Big focus on Captain Marvel with some concept art shown 

captain Marvel is set in early 90’s and Nick Zura ahs two eyes, The villains will be the Skrulls for the first time in the MCU. 

Hannah Kamen plays the Ghost

Walter Googens as Sonny Burch

Jimmy Park as  Agent Woo
Lawrence Fishbourne  as Dr. Bill Foster. 

And Kevin Feige is presented with an Inkpot Award! 

* Now the cast of Thor Ragnarok comes out including Hemsworth,Mark Ruffalo,  Jeff Golblum, Cate Blanchett, Tessa Thomson, Tom Hiddlestone and my beloved Karl Urban. And director Taika Waititi. 


Hemsworth and Waititi both talk about how Thor had to change in this movie in order not to be stale. Waititi jokes that he was was helping a mate out. Also people didn’t learn their lines. In joke! 

Hiddlestone says he will always be grateful to Hall H for his moment in costume as Loki here, in the film four years have passed and Loke has “directed most of his time to narcissistic self indulgence. He’s still the God of mischief and what his role in the coming of Ragnarok you will see.”

*Ruffalo says the Hulk won’t change back into Banner and will kick a lot of “A” to avoid sweating..  “because he’s been the Hulk for two years he has the vocabulary of a two year old. can I say that?”

* Cate Blanchett says she got the se she was close to Australia. “It’s a universe I’ve been dragged into because of my kids. But it’s great to work with these Guys and gal. (Sic! burn!)
* Jegg Goldblum is attempting to explain being an elder of the universe and that he puts together the great greate match between the Hulk and the new Thor 

* Waititi and Urban making many jokes about Kiwis vs Australia. Hemsworth and Taika mime making out but it doesn’t go far enough!

* Rachel House is also in the film his good luck charm.  

A bunch of Thor Ragnarol footage is shown including Thor arriving on Sakar, the Collector sizing him up, Thor meeting a warm up Gladiator and then meeting Hulk. This is followe by some random footage including many shot of the Hulk Thor Lokia no Valkyrie teaming up against Blanchett’s Hela. A lot of humor more of. GotG vibe to the film. 
And now Black Panther

Out comes

Ryan Coogler

Chadwick Boseman. Lupita Nyongo, Mochael BJordan, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Forrest Whitaker Andy Serkis and Winston Duke and Letitia Wright. 

Coogler notes how excited he is to be back in Hall H. “History is important to me and to 
t’churi is Tchalla little sister she designs all the technology. She was a dream role to play inspirTional and a strong black woman.”

Gurira notes that she had to undergo more weapon training even though she’s a sword badass on Walking Dead. And that. She loves that Wakanda is the most technologically advanced. Advanced country on earth and it’s on the continent.”

Whittaker talks about his mentor character and Kaluuya in an amazing Cockney accent, talks about his younger brother role. 

Lupita Nyngo talks about her character and Andy Serkis is excited to wear pants for the role. 

Winston Duke is at his First Comic Con!!!! He says the love and reception is breathtaking. He is the beloved leader of the Jabari tribe the best tribe in Wakanda. How was best about role was how human and loyal he was to his people.”

And now footage. Pants peeing excitement! 

The Black Panther scenes showcase Gurira and Nyongo as well as BP himself – the vibe is much more of a James Bond movie. And the action looks different suspect Coogler may have directed his own action scenes? 

The presentation ends with The Avengers Inifnity WR footGe which is grim and desperate. Lots of sad Star Lord.