You’re probably as sick of San Diego Comic-Con as we are, but in case you missed any of our podcasts from the show, here’s the definitive guide!

First, Brigid Alverson, Deb Aoki and The Beat Herself reunited for “Three Women in a Hotel Room” – a sorta daily podcast of our impressions of the show, including lots of gossip and  background you won’t hear any where else! Some of them were recorded over breakfast so it’s REALLY uncensored!


NEXT! “PW’s More To Come” presented out DAILY interviews, including Tillie Walden, Karen Berger. Jackson Publick, John Ridley and many many more. We really covered it all this year. The first three are just interviews and on the last one, Calvin Reid, Kate Fitzsimons and me wrap it all up in a shiny bow. Here’s the links for that.


More To Come 269: SDCC 2017 Day 1
In Part 1 of our SDCC special, Calvin interviews Kurt Hassler and JuYoun Lee of manga publisher Yen Press about its history and origin and their hit author Svetlana Chmakova; he also interviews Nidhi Chanani, the creator of upcoming graphic novel ‘Pashmina’.

More To Come 270: SDCC 2017 Day 2
In Part 2 of our SDCC special, David Steinberger of Comixology, comics creator Sonny Liew, Venture Brothers creator Jackson Publick and Ken Plume author of Go Team Venture! and oscar-winner John Ridley.

More To Come 271: SDCC 2017 Day 3
In Part 3 of our SDCC special, Calvin interviews legendary comics editor Karen Berger, graphic novelist Tillie Walden, and comic creator Landis Blair.

More To Come 273: SDCC 2017 Wrap up and Nilah Magruder
The More to Come crew discuss news from and the experience of the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and Heidi interviews ‘MFK’ creator Nilah Magruder.