Kicking off in next week’s Justice League #26 is the “Legacy” storyline, the multi-part arc preceding writer Bryan Hitch’s final story on the series (which begins in Issue #33), where a group of heroes from a post-apocalyptic future escape into the past to stop their world from coming to be. They need the help of the Justice League, the only catch? The League is comprised of their parents.

Take a gander below at Fernando Pasarin’s designs for these next-gen heroes, and be on the lookout for Justice League #26 by Bryan Hitch, Pasarin, and Oclair Albert, in stores August 2nd.

Eldoris Curry

Hunter Price

Jason Allen


Nora Allen



Jenny Allen


  1. Uhm….isnt Superman and Lois Lane married (again) with a kid in the Rebirth world. Lois is gonna be piiiiiisssssed.

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