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The Beat is home! Charlie and Lucy are thrilled and I’m trying to reset my sleep schedule. With this year’s Comic-con in the rearview mirror, the attention span of the nation has moved on already and we’re not going to drag out our coverage for a month but you’ll see my wrap-up post (with pictures!!!!!) on Sunday, and some more interviews rolling out in the next few days.

I want to thank the Elite Beat Operatives who made this, without question, the BEST coverage of SDCC ever in our history. Hannah Lodge, Kyle Pinion, Nick Eskey, Henry Barajas, David NIeves, Edie Nugent, Harper Harris, Oasis, Zachary Clemente, Alex Jones, Victor van Scoit, Jeff Trexler, Nicky Wheeler Nicholson and Chandler Banks were everywhere, talked to everyone and saw everything and did it with style and intelligence. I couldn’t be prouder of this crew. And of course the uteerly inimitabel Torsten Adair was manning the home fires with his uniquer commentary and perspective. I give Torsten some kidding around here, but we’re really lucky to have hiim contributing.

I have to save my greatest thanks for newly minted Managing Editor Alexander Lu, however, who must have been on 24 hour watch at his computer getting the news up as fast as it happened. We had some 80 stories during the con and more to come after and that was all Alex. I’d tell someone to hire him full time but he already has a full time job at NYU. However I feel pretty certain you’ll be hearing a lot more from Alex in the months to come.

NOW my own posting was severely curtailed during the show by a) working on several stories for PW b) a slow, old computer paired with slow/shitty wifi everywhere c) a slow, old Beat who needed a luxurious four or five hours of sleep a night. Seriously, I did spend all my time with some events and meetings that were useful and will bear fruit down the line, More to come, as we say at another podcast.

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Above: horrible torture bear at the Adult Swim Booth, Comic-Con 2015