Comics artist Alan Kupperberg passed away last night at age 62 after a battle with thymus cancer, as reported on FB by his brother, Paul Kupperberg. Emerging from Neal Adams’ Continuity Studios, Kupperberg pencilled everything from the X-men to Spider-man, and several issues of What If, but he had a reputation as someone who could handle things with a humorous bent, as his solo book, Obnoxio the Clown vs. The X-Men showed.

In later years he worked on comic strips including Howard the Duck, Spider-Man, Little Orphan Annie.





  1. Never met the man but I was always intrigued by his versatility (as mentioned) — I remember he would sometimes show up in What If, doing a decent, straight up knock-off of Frank Miller’s art and page composition (not the easiest thing to attempt). He seemed to relish drawing packed, dramatic compositions with (often) extreme prospectives. After seeing his solid super hero stuff, I remember later reading his name on Little Orphan Annie and (after doing a double take) finally admiring the ability to move from one to the other. Cool.

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