Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson is the biggest thing in a while for DC. All 8 issues will be printed in hardcover album editions a week after the regular editions and these will be collected in a slipcase which ships with the 8th issue. At the retailer summit DC was showing off a mock-up of the completed package—which will also include the 8 mini comics bound in to the issues as a separate volume, and printed full size. As you can see co-publisher Dan DiDio was speaking proudly of the package, which does look very very nice. 

Speaking of those mini comics, Frank Miller will write and draw the first mini comic, with Klaus Janson inking it. 

We were allowed to see the preview of the first issue but sworn to secrecy.



  1. Pretty cool looking and really looking forward to the series. Odd that they would use DKR artwork. Wouldn’t it make sense to use artwork from the new series? Not complaining– just noting.

  2. Hopefully Azarrello will keep Miller from screwing this one up. How does this work? Is Azarrello working from a Miller concept or something? Is Kubert pencilling it with Janson inks? May explain why the packing for the box set uses old Miller art.

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