Although there has been much discussion lately about Afterlife with Archie, the script for issue #9 by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has been turned in and editor Mike Pellerito was showing it off to retailers at the Diamond Retailers Summit being held today in Baltimore. He stressed that there was date for when artist Francesco Francavilla would start work, but the issue is in the works. “Reggie finally gets his due,” Pellerito teased. 


  1. Ralph: I can’t see this book coming out before next spring, which seems to fit AWA’s current once-a-year schedule. If then!

  2. So they just got a script and are going to start on the art soon on a book that was supposed to come out back in April? Very professional.

  3. So this has already been solicited, then? And the customers who preordered this book – paying money in advance for a product the company knew wasn’t being produced on the schedule it advertised — should feel…happy?

    No wonder people abandon this hobby.

  4. I’m reading the book, and loving it. And I’m happy as hell that there’s evidence of another issue in the pipeline. Yeah, it’s late. And certainly the delays will lose them some audience. But Jesus, don’t presume to tell me how to feel.

  5. Good for you for being happy. I’m an Archie customer, and I’m not happy with the delays for books I’ve preordered and prepaid for.

  6. I dropped this one, as the company is not taking it seriously enough to put together a publishing schedule. I know that I might sound wayyy too sombre on this, but it’s disrespectful to its readers for a major comic company to publish an ongoing bimonthly title whenever they feel like it.

  7. Glad to see Archie still has their core audience of young readers. That’s the only thing that can explain the entitled millennial whining going on here.

  8. “entitled millennial whining”

    As opposed to submissive, serf-like, “thank you sir, may I have another” excuse making?


  9. yes, art takes time, but for a book that has been solicited as a ‘monthly’ comic book, to only have 8 published issues after 24 months isn’t a very good track record.

    Factor in the same level of lateness for ‘The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina’. First issue debuted October 2014. That ‘monthly’ book has only published 4 issues in 12 months.

    Then Archie comics launch their “Dark Circle” imprint of older heroes. I’m really enjoying ‘the black hood’, but after the first arc, (which ended in August, I believe), the creators said that the first issue of the 2nd arc will be out in November.

    I left the ‘big 2’ so I could get books outside of big events, and that were published in a timely fashion without delays. Boy was I duped by Archie Comics….

  10. @Chris – art does take time. And that’s fine. But there are people at Archie called editors, whose job is to arrange schedules and make sure that work is actually getting done. They have a responsibility to solicit books appropriately.

  11. Why the hell is anyone pre-paying for comic books? To hell with complaining about Archie — you should be complaining about your retailer.

  12. I’m very annoyed with this, it’s ridiculous…. they must be making so much money that they don’t even care anymore. But I know what I’m going to do: I will start sending so much hate mail to those idiots that they will have to get their act together. I invite everyone to do the same.

  13. fuck ’em I say! I’m gonna start pirating every archie comic I see and find so they lose business. I waited and waited and these pricks still think it’s funny pushing the loyal fans. Man I’m gonna make ’em suffer!

  14. I will pirate the comics, meme the photos of these idiots and do everything I can just to make sure we are noted. This is rubbish and the people making this comic are retarded, probably drunk and high on drugs, I hate them and I hope they die out of hand cancer very, very slow

  15. holy crap this got dark I hate that’s its taking time but even if then can bring it out once evry 2 months I’m down for that

  16. Was really excited about this title and even bought a 12 issue subscription as I don’t really read comics any more and didn’t want to schlep to a comics store every time something came out (and given the sporadic schedule, this was a good move).

    I don’t know what the problem is (creative indecision about direction? staffing issues? time management?) but surprised that it’s been this chronic of a problem for most of the run.

    Oh well, I’ve stopped getting upset by it and will read it whenever the next issue shows up, but I do know that when you have a loyal fan base, you don’t make them work this hard to find something they love. That’s just marketing/publishing 101.

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