GØDLAND #37 by Joe Casey and Tom Scioli is out this week, and just in case you didn’t pick it up yesterday, here’s some art that will make you change your mind. This last, double-sized issue comes out over a year since issue #36, and so long after the book debuted in 2005. I think this book was a real watershed book for Image and non-Big Two comics in general in that it had an aesthetic and a viewpoint that built on past comics in an additive and not just imitative way. By drawing on Jack Kirby’s cosmic period for inspiration, Casey and Scioli provided the kind of conceptual art that was usually the realm of more indie comics, giving Image comics creators a whole new field to play in. The Moebius-inspired Rob Liefeld relaunch by Brandon Graham was a later example of this. While Marvel and DC have become more and more constrained by corporate mandates, Image has become the place where the big ideas of past mainstream comics are growing up. GØDLAND was an homage but also a way to move forward.

Casey talked about the run in an exit interview:

I guess, at this point, I feel pretty lucky that we came up with an idea, a concept, an overall approach, a series that would, to borrow a phrase, let the time in. So as the years passed, something we came up with in 2004 didn’t feel confining in 2013, which is always a danger when you commit to telling any long form story. But for me, the whole thing seemed to open up as the years went on. Not without its struggles, but I guess I feel like the ultimate results speak for themselves. They do for me, anyway.

Anyway, they had a good run; Casey is very busy with other things, and Scioli is too: he’s writing and drawing Transformers Vs GI Joe for IDW now, and it doesn’t get any more mainstream than that.

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