Today sees the release of DC Universe REBIRTH #1, a one shot that aims to change the way you see DC Comics.  Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, and Phil Jimenez, the 80-page special is a love letter to the fans, apologizing for years of stories that focused more on plot than character.  Johns aims to make you see that Rebirth will bring HOPE back to the universe– does he succeed?  Alex Lu, Brandon Montclare, and special guest Alex Jones of The Comics Beat discuss!

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  • 00:36 — Show begins!
  • 03:26 — >> Spoilers begin here <<
  • 08:00 — The mismatched goals of DC’s New 52 Initiative. Does Rebirth have a clearer aim?
  • 13:00 — Rebirth: the event to end all events? (no)
  • 19:40 — What does DC: Rebirth promise readers?
  • 22:00 — The history Johns’ Rebirths– Green Lantern: RebirthThe Flash: Rebirth, how does this play into our new Rebirth?
  • 27:00 — Addressing the blue elephant in the room
  • 32:50 — Interesting time to announce Geoff Johns is going to be overseeing the DC Comics films, huh?
  • 36:00 — How does Rebirth #1 impact the future of DC Comics?

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