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DC ROUND-UP: LOIS LANE and DCEASED Form Two Halves of a...

Take a summer stroll as we muse about how two new DC books connect with their audiences.

REVIEW: ANNABELLE COMES HOME delivers a few cool new ideas but...

At least Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are back as the Warrens

REVIEW: ANNA is all about Sasha Luss kicking ass, but it...

Luc Besson KGB thriller isn’t terrible but has its problems.

REVIEW: The new CHILD’S PLAY is not a good movie, though...

The 1988 movie gets the remake treatment but is it worth your time?

DC ROUND-UP: EVENT LEVIATHAN #1 Has Us Wondering Who to Trust

This summer's big Superman event poses a question: how would you like to TRULY change the world?

DC ROUND-UP: DCEASED #1 Hates Social Media & Life Itself

We review the start of DC's latest apocalypse: DCeased #1

REVIEW: AHOY delivers another winner with PLANET OF THE NERDS #1

The new series adds nuance to the '80s movie character types we know and love.

REVIEW: HELLBOY Negates Most of the Good Will Created by Better...

“HELLBOY may not be ‘Uwe Boll bad,’ but it's pretty damn close. A complete embarrassment.”

DC ROUND-UP: Here’s Why You Should be Reading WONDER TWINS

How WONDER TWINS embraces a storytelling philosophy that sometimes feels lost to modern superhero comics


DC Comics is trying something new. In the wake of their Rebirth initiative, the publisher has rapidly expanded its content to include diverse new...

REVIEW: Tiger-Striped Bikinis and Electric Horns in URUSEI YATSURA

Rumiko Takahashi's classic is back in print...and it's wild.

Review: DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Brings The Devil With A Cause...

Dante and the super demon friends are back and better than ever!