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Podcorn Podcast 06/01/16 — The Secrets to Kickstarting Your Comic!

Podcorn Podcast co-host Brandon Montclare was an early adopter of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.  Through it, he and artist Amy Reeder successfully funded two...

Podcorn Podcast 06/01/16 — Captain America & Fandom

Last week, Marvel Comics published Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 by writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz.  The response to the comic was immediate...

Podcorn Podcast 05/25/16 — Reviewing DC Comics’ REBIRTH #1

Geoff Johns wants to bring hope back to the DC Universe. Does he succeed?

Podcorn Podcast 05/10/16 — Talking “CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN” With Ricardo...

A couple of weeks ago, Wolf artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz joined the Podcorn Gang to talk about this year's Image Expo announcements. We teased it...

Podcorn Podcast 4/27/16 — Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare on the...

This week on Podcorn Podcast, Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, the co-writers of hit Marvel series MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR talk to Comics...

Podcorn Podcast 4/13/16 — The Dawn of Sadfleck

The co-writers of MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR and creative team behind ROCKET GIRL weigh in on the first big blockbuster of the year!

Podcorn Podcast 03/30/16 — ROAR Goes Devil Dinosaur!

Celebrate the release of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #5 with series co-writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare!

Podcorn Podcast 03/09/16 — Generation “What’s NeXt?”

We are nothing if not a fast-paced society, and we're constantly moving at a more rapid clip. Could comics stand to gain by taking a slower pace?

Podcorn Podcast 2/24/16- Make DC Comics Great Again!

Last week at ComicsPRO, DC Comics owned the limelight. The company released a bevy of new details about their Rebirth initiative. No, it's not a reboot.

Podcorn Podcast 2/17/16 — Deadpool Kills the DC Universe

We're talking comic book movies on this week's Podcorn Podcast!

Podcorn Podcast — 2/10/16 Learn to Bind Comics With the Pros

Ever wanted to take a bunch of unruly single issues and turn them into a deluxe hardcover? We're about to show you how on a special video episode of Podcorn Podcast.