A couple of weeks ago, Wolf artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz joined the Podcorn Gang to talk about this year’s Image Expo announcements. We teased it briefly then, but the time has finally come to let the world know: Ricardo is about to hit it big. He was recently announced as the artist on Marvels’ Civil War II: Kingpin miniseries, with 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and We Can Never Go Home writer Matt Rosenberg on script.

Join us as we talk to Ricardo about his journey as an up-and-coming artist. If he could draw any Marvel or DC Character, who would it be? What does Kingpin mean to him? All this and more on this week’s Podcorn Podcast!


Show Notes

01:00 — Show begins!

03:00 — Talking Civil War II: Kingpin.  “Is this really happening?!”  We also share Matt Rosenberg war stories.

08:00 — Ricardo explains his pathway into comics.  Your first look into the man, the myth, the legend.

13:30 — How’d Ricardo get on Marvel’s radar?  The Ricardo-signal!

15:45 — Cutting our teeth on Wolf with Ales Kot

22:30 — What would happen if The Flash ran into Kingpin?

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