A while ago, Brandon Montclare and I received a special request from a Podcorn Podcast listener.  As those who’ve followed us for a while will know, Brandon has an extensive collection of single issues that he has custom-bound into hardcover volumes.  His bookshelf is a treasure, filled with rarities like the original run of ROM: the Space Knight and the original Master of Kung Fu.  Thus, our enterprising listener wanted to know: how does he do it?

Well, we’re here to tell you how on a special video episode of Podcorn Podcast.  We invited Mike Furth, creator of The Comics Archive and another expert in book binding, to the show.  We discuss the best binding companies, the merits of all the customization options available, and even how to create your own custom covers!  Tune in and we’ll show you how you can take your 50 issue run of Snyder/Capullo Batman and turn it into a hardcover anyone would be jealous of.


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