Fried Pie Comics, a line dedicated to producing special variant covers for comic books, has been making a splash since it debuted in October 2015.  They’ve produced collectible versions of huge titles titles including Dark Knight III #1 and Rick and Morty #14.  Now, they’re hosting their first convention.

Fried Pie Con will take place in Kennesaw, Georgia this weekend, beginning at 11AM EST on Saturday May 28th.  The con will be hosted with Oni Press, Viz, and Funko and is designed to celebrate comics and the variant line’s namesake, fried pies.  They’ll have the local delicacy brought in from Atlanta restaurant, The Varsity, proving they’re no slouches when it comes to good food.  They’ll be great comics alumni as well, including “Jen Van Meter, Yuko Ota, Monica Gallagher, Tessa Stone, Ananth Hirsh and Ian McGinty.”   According to the official press release:

There will be a signing with Brenden Fletcher, panels with our guests, an Artist Alley (that along with the previously mentioned names will also include Liz Enright, Kate Kasenow, Emily Helen, Shivana Sookdeo, Natalie Riess, Joan Cooke, Samantha Glow Knapp and Jackie Lewis), Gaming Tournaments, Pathfinder Demos, Cosplay Contests and did we mention free pie?

Fried Pie Con will be hosted by the 2nd & Charles comic shop in Kennesaw and will be 100% free to attend.

To whet your appetite for what’s to come from the variant line, we’re proud to reveal a special variant of Civil War II #1, drawn by Pasqual Ferry of Adam Strange: Planet Heist fame.  You can pick it up at participating Fried Pie-card-carrying retailers when the comic releases on June 1st!



  1. Hey there True Believers: PRINCE Tribute Variant Covers, are on the edge of completion, and we have the best offers to help you raise your personal budget while we commercialize off the cosmic apogee’s violet sex/drugs/rocknroll soul depicted in various interpretations from none other that our ever lov’n Frank Quitely, and Astounding Alex Maleev, and an AMAZING Cloak and Dagger PRINCE Tribute cover done by none other than Ethan EPIC Van Sciver !!!!


    Could you imagine how cool that would be???


    What would be your PRINCE Tribute Variant, ‘version’ be, and what artist???

    I could care less about another ‘comic book’ campaign like Civil War -that size of these ‘pamphlet’ like tiny books w/the ads does not give sequential the ‘justice’ it deserves after survivng the past going on one hundred years… Keep the current format, but why not add to the whole ‘variant’ ‘method’, and basically have just entire limited run Variant Magazine large-sized books that have anthologies -and check this out: people put up with huge amounts of ads in magazines that are also thick with content, and ads that are part of / in accordance w/the content… The content shouldn’t ever be referred to as “fill”, have the reader/consumer refer to the varient magazine not as ‘comics’, have be quality *sequential* about Marvel or whomever’ brand… The ads should not be generic ads… any way this type of stuff goes beyond advertisement driven computer screens, and can be a growth market for new consumers, as well as sequential collectors -there is such a huge untapped market for sequential, and yes that includes the beauty of different forms of print mediums, people will eat it up, people will love it…

    Another pamphlet sized *over-priced* ‘variant’ for ANOTHER ‘event’ can kiss my @$$…

    ***So yeah, like I was saying, variants are being run out of style, and can be used to have larger print formats that allow new readers to NOTICE, and appreciate sequential as a whole, a ‘consumer gateway; *magazine* variant, know’Imsay’n…? Yes.

    Geek out in 3-D b!+(3z !!!

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