This week on Podcorn Podcast, Brandon Montclare and Alex Lu clickbait the hell out of you. We’re here to talk about breaking in, the mythical concept that endless comics convention panels have been based around. These panels are often informative and helpful to those on the edge of getting professional work, but we’re here to argue that they are less helpful to those who are just starting out.

Many comics fans who have just decided they want to try their hand at turning their hobby into a profession miss out on the most fundamental steps on their journey to greatness. Luckily, we’re here to help you fill those knowledge gaps and get you stepping large on the way to greatness.


Every Wednesday, I talk about comics with Brandon Montclare, writer of the hit Image series Rocket Girl and co-writer of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series.

We gab about what we’re reading now, what books we consider classics (Brandon loves Dark Knight Strikes Again…), and the hottest gossip of the industry.  Occasionally, the inimitable artist Amy Reeder (Rocket GirlBatwoman) stops by.  Check out our full show archive at

Intro/Outro music this week is Comics by Caravan Palace, off their album <|o_o|>

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