Deadman 1_CVWith previews about to roll out in addition to everything else, DC announced two new October titles: DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE, starring Deadman by Sarah Vaughn and Lan Medina with covers by Stephanie Hans.


The Deadman series is a three issue prestige format series. The return of prestige format!!!! This squarebound 64-page format was invented back in the 80s for Frank Miller, and used extensively for Elseworlds tales but then pretty much stopped except for the latest Dark Knight saga. Good to see it back. Also good to see Vaughan getting a DC gig.  The debut interview is here but here’s some basics:

A gothic tale of love, mystery, and vengeful spirits arrives just in time for the scariest month of the year, as DC Entertainment announces the return of Boston Brand, a.k.a. Deadman, in DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE—a frightful new miniseries set in the style of gothic romance comics of the 1960s and ’70s. This series from creators Sarah Vaughn and Lan Medina debuts in a 3-issue 48-page prestige format, giving readers a chance to immerse themselves in this romantic and haunting tale.

A young woman with a conflicted heart and the ability to see ghosts, Berenice lives with her boyfriend, Nathan, in a grand mansion in New England but is growing closer and closer to her best friend, Sam. As she struggles with her heart’s desire, a dark presence settles over the mansion, drawing the attention of the ghostly superhero Deadman. As Berenice and Deadman seek to free the house and its inhabitants of Adelia Whitehall’s (known as the Darkness) vengeful rage, more disturbing and sinister secrets emerge, leaving Berenice in grave danger.

“I’ve been reading romance novels and comics since I was kid, and it is a genre I am positively passionate about,” says writer Sarah Vaughn. “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to tell a modern gothic horror story with classic DC roots.”

“After reading the synopsis of the story, I felt I was coming back to the old days of romance comics, but in an entirely new way,” says artist Lan Medina. “I was thrilled by how the Darkness character mixes with Deadman. This has absolutely taken me on a hell of a ride.”

And here’s a VERY tasty looking preview:


Hawkman/Adam Strange will be a six-issue monthly miniseries scheduled to debut on October 5. Andreyko confided his deepest thoughts about it to Newsarama, Whoops my bad that was only the PR:

Residing on Earth and out of the hero game, Adam Strange finds himself trying to live a “normal” life, until he’s literally pulled back into adventure again as a seemingly normal Zeta beam transmission returns him to the planet Rann, where he hopes to be reunited with his beloved Alanna. But instead, he finds the once great city of Ranagar in ruins with millions dead, and the once peaceful Alanna is now calling for the blood of Rann’s oldest enemy, Thanagar, home of the Hawkmen.

Sensing something is amiss, Strange enlists the aid of Thanagarian policeman Katar Hol, aka Hawkman, who is also trying anything possible to avert war. Together the two try and uncover who’s really behind the destruction of Rann while at the same time preventing Rann and Thanagar from marching into interplanetary armageddon! 




  1. is Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love going to be published in grayscale? Because I will absolutely buy it if it is.

  2. Man, I love Lan Medina. Just when I thought I’d never buy a DC comic again, they possibly pull me back in. This doesn’t look like their normal PC junk, but an actual story using a classic character. Where’s the catch? Not so excited about Adam Strange/Hawkman. The costume design for both is terrible. Am I the only one who sees this? Stick with classic lines and not so many chevrons or busyness. And real wings for Hawkman’s helmet! Ugh. Pass on that one.

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