Floor SPX 2

Last year our good pals at The Devastator magazine made news with an anonymous survey of convention exhibitors that showed average sales of $1300 at the shows surveyed, the differences between indie and comics shows and more.

Well, as you MAY have NOTICED, there has been quite a bit of talk of late about exhibiting at conventions, profits and how it is changing. I thought it might be interesting to revisit this survey and after contacting Amanda Meadows at the Devastator, The Beat is proud to be co-sponsoring this year’s survey.  

This survey covers sales at shows this year and general trends in staffing tabling and money making. It’s intended for anyone who exhibits at Cafs or Cons, artists, small presses or crafters.

The Devastator team will be tallying the results and making yet another informative infographic. that may give som ehard numbers to the heretofore speculative view of the changing face of conventions.

This survey drills down quite a bit on individual convention sales, so grab a beverage and get set to share your knowledge.

To take the survey go here.