201210132332.jpgby Matt O’Keefe

Welcome to Six In Six, where I ask comic folk six questions and get my answers in six minutes or less. Here at NYCC 2012 I’m asking creators about their experience with and opinions of Image Comics. Here’s my interview with writer/artist Tim Seeley.

Image clearly had a big year. Name one thing you think helped make their 20th anniversary such a success.

I think it’s just the diversity and quality of the books. Image is a place you can go when your ideas don’t fit into the Big Two superhero universes and you get to own it, so it’s where people are putting their most passionate ideas. I think we’re seeing people being interested in those ideas, and they’re getting great books. Saga is one of the best books of the year and it’s also very popular. And it’s new; people are excited about that

What does Image do better than any other publisher?

Just does new stuff. I don’t think there’s any company that has consistently puts out things in such diverse genres and develops characters that work in multiple mediums. I think that Image is the place you go to when you want innovation.

What Image title should more people be reading?

Revival? Or Hack/Slash; I’ll take either one. But honestly, we’re actually really happy with the amount of people reading Revival. There are some gems at Image. Hoax Hunters, which mas

Pitch Hack/Slash to audiences in one sentence.

What happens after the slasher movie; Buffy versus Jason.

What do you have coming up?
More Revival. More Hack/Slash, we have the end of that coming up. And then I have a book from Dark Horse called Ex Sanguine, which I wrote and drew. The first issue ships this coming Wednesday.

Favorite thing comics related you did in the last month?
I came to New York Comic Con!

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