There was absolutely no new news in the planned part of the Dan DiDio / Jim Lee panel at NYCC.  When the Q&A starts, though, unplanned news occurs.  Such as:

  • Jim Lee has two Wildstorm properties reserved for him: W.I.L.D.Cats and Divine Right.  Everyone keeps waiting for W.I.L.D.Cats to relaunch, and it certainly seems like the groundwork was being laid, but it seems unlikely that will happen until his run on the new Superman title with Scott Snyder is over.
  • Speaking of that new Superman title, it was confirmed as an ongoing, not a limited series… although Lee did not say how many issues he was expecting to do.
  • DiDio claims they planned Tim Drake to be Red Robin from the get-go, but the error slipped through editorial, so they just went back and fixed it for the trade.  He further claims fixing things for the trade is a regular event.  Anyone have some more examples of this?
  • Lee says when they go back and fix things, it’s automatically reflected in digital copies and Comixology automatically updates your copy.  <Insert Star Wars joke here.>
  • The current preference is to launch smaller characters from larger books.  Hence Talon sprung from Batman / Court of Owls.  Vibe was mentioned as a launching in JLA, though that might be hypothetical.  While it wasn’t mentioned, one might infer something about the Justice League Aquaman crossover here.
  • The Superman / Wonder Woman “relationship” will be a plot point in Trinity War.  (How long has that been hyped and the schedule still isn’t announced?)

The DC panels seem to have a lot more interesting Q&A than the Marvel panels, and for the most part, DC panelists are answering the questions.


  1. I know there have been more recent examples, but there were some massive art fixes and a few tiny editorial fixes in the Infinite Crisis trade. I actually don’t mind this practice (I would of course like it better if everything was right the first time) but I think it’s only happened at DC under Didio. As a digital reader, my copies always sort themselves out in the end.

  2. I don’t know if i believe the Red Robin thing was planned from the outset. there was the mistake in teen titans #1 with the picture and in Batman#1 with the computer voice, so that is 2 mistakes about the same thing which seems unlikely.

    Are there any fans of the character that think this was a good idea? It was completely unnecessary.

  3. I recall that the Infinite Crisis trade had some changes. Like in the original issues, Wildcat said something that implied he now remembered his entire Earth 2 life, but that was changed when the trade came out. And I think the conversation between Batman and the E-2 Superman was changed as well.

  4. “How long has [Trinity War] been hyped and the schedule still isn’t announced?”

    Not quite as long a Multiversity.

    The snark in me wonders if Trinity War will be some sort of squabble created by a love triangle between Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

  5. The Final Crisis trade corrects some German dialogue that was misprinted initially, fixes Shilo Norman’s skintone in a few panels, and miscolors Sonny Sumo in another that was correct initially.

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