Something which totally skipped me at NYCC, presumably due to being a thousand miles away from it, was the reveal of some Cliff Chiang’s concept art goodness for New God Orion. Unveiled at the “DC: From Concept to Page” panel. Orion’s appearance in Wonder Woman #12, completely unexpected by everybody, was perhaps one of the biggest final talking points for the first year of the New 52. More than vapid sex aliens or faces being ripped off, the news that one of Kirby’s New Gods was going to show up – and in a place which nobody expected, even though it is probably the best place for it to happen – got people very excited indeed.

And not just because Brian Azzarello will be writing – but because frickin’ Cliff Chiang will be drawing. And here, dear readers, is what it look like when Cliff Chiang draws Orion:

Aiiiiee indeed, readers.


  1. I’m definitely digging the second biker jacket look of the second illo. But let’s not be afraid of color! The shoulder circles and the bottom jacket waist lines are screaming to be colored YELLOW.

  2. So if Apokolips is an industrialized urban environment gone haywire, then new Orion is its metrosexual?

  3. “More than vapid sex aliens..” That was one issue out of 1 year’s worth of 52 comics (624 issues). Is that really all anyone’s going to remember out of the New 52?

  4. This has got Doug Wildey and Alex Toth goodness written all over it, even down to the signature. I’ll go out and hunt this one down.

  5. I’ll miss his team-ups with Big Barda. But on the plus side, the T-mobile 4g Motorcycle Girl will be a good substitute now.

  6. So that’s where Wonder Woman’s trousers ended up… (By the sketches, they seem to be the same size…)

    Will anyone complain about the leather jacket like they did when Diana wore it?

  7. Lobo just said until the new New Gods series, there’s a place for new Orion behind him on the back of his bike

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