Using numbers from this (itself very interesting) ReedPOP media kit, Janelle Asselin ran numbers on New York Comic-Con demographics, with an eye to growth by gender. The result:

2010: 65% of 96,000 total = 62,400 men
2013: 59% of 133,000 total = 78,470 men

16,070 more men in 3 years
26% growth rate

2010: 35% of 96,000 total = 33,600 women
2013: 41% of 133,000 total = 54,530 women

20,930 more women in 3 years
62% growth rate

Note the 40/60 f/m ratio falls within the “Golden mean” that we seem to be seeing everywhere. As I’ve opined before, this quick shift in gender balance is part of why we’re having so much turmoil as new roles are assigned and explored. But it’s all good in the end.


  1. Press Kit says a lot about the con. The fact that they think it’s a positive that car company was there just blows my mind.

  2. For the sake of rigor, the growth rate of female attendees has been converging to the total convention growth rate and the (binary) gender ratio has plateaued at the current 4:6 ratio since NYCC 2011.
    I did not find online sources for the NYCC 2010 figures, but the according to the numbers put out by ReedPop in their media kits relating to 2011-2013 (links at the end), the attendance growth rate breakdown by year should be the following:

    NYCC 2010
    – Total attendees: 96,000

    – Female attendees: 33,600 (35%)

    – Male attendees: 62,400 (65%)

    NYCC 2011
    – Total attendees: 105,000
    (Growth rate over 2010: 09%)

    – Female attendees: 42,000 (40%)
    (Growth rate over 2010: 25%)

    – Male attendees: 63,000 (60%)
    (Growth rate over 2010 <01%)

    NYCC 2012
    – Total attendees: 116,000
    (Growth rate over 2011: 10%)

    – Female attendees: 47,560 (41%)
    (Growth rate over 2011: 13%)

    – Male attendees: 68,440 (59%)
    (Growth rate over 2011: 09%)

    NYCC 2013
    – Total attendees: 133,000
    (Growth rate over 2012: 15%)

    – Female attendees: 54,530 (41%)
    (Growth rate over 2012: 15%)

    – Male attendees: 78,470 (59%)
    (Growth rate over 2012: 15%)

    In summary these numbers show that there was a spurt of female attendees at NYCC 2011, with a growth rate of 25% over the previous edition and corresponding to almost the entirety of convention attendance growth in that year. However since 2011 the female attendees growth rate has decreased, evening out with the male attendees and total convention growth rate in last year's edition.

    Links (PDF):

  3. @Mario
    BUT. BUT. BUT. Your numbers do not lead to an attention seeking headline. I mean, god forbid, we do an actual thorough analysis to determine ACTUAL information rather than use 2 single data points to reach some misleading conclusion that only serves to bolster the author’s opinion. (Well intended as it may be.)

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