He was just at HeroesCon, running around, smiling and putting this amazing work (done with Scott Hampton) in the auction (I know it doesn’t photograph well but it had everyone amazed), but according to social media, legendary horror artist Bernie Wrighton has been hospitalized following a series of small strokes. Steve Niles has been updating Wrightson’s condition and says he’s doing well. The initial report came from Wrightson’s wife, Liz.

Okay, y’all first: Bernie is in the hospital, having suffered a series of SMALL strokes. Tests are happening; surgery may be in the cards. His cognition and spirits are good, but convention appearances look unlikely for the next few weeks. Overall he is okay, as we got him to the hospital FAST. Send good thoughts and all that… -Liz

Good thoughts are indeed going out.


  1. Sending good thoughts, as requested!
    For me, Wrightson has always been one of the good guys, ever since I read about him in my early teens in a Dutch comics fanzine (Stripschrift 121, to be precise). Only years later did I finally find a book with his Frankenstein illustrations (this was pre-Amazon) and The Studio also is one of the “Yes, you can borrow my books, but not that one.”
    I’ve always wanted to illustrate Frankenstein myself, but his work is very, very difficult to compete with – any new illustrations would have to take a whole different direction.
    While I missed a whole chunk of his work and development from the ’80s onwards, his revisiting Frankenstein had me on the edge of my seat again.

  2. Big thoughts going out to Mr. Wrightson! He is truly an inspiration to us all! He has been my hero since cracking open a bagged swamp thing comic at a seedy comic shop when I was young and didnt know art from Art Garfunkle!
    The man is a legend and we in the world that enjoy his works are happy to hear that he is in great spirits and that we hope to keep updated on his condition, as any loyal fan would. Gods speed in your recovery and your return to the drawing table!

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