Artist Karl Kerschl teased a single panel of GOTHAM ACADEMY, the upcoming Batfamily book written by Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher and drawn by Kerschl, with colors by Romain Gaschet. The book is something of a “sister” book to the new Batgirl and presents a more “shojo” approach to the Batman universe with the story of some students at Gotham’s number one prep school and their fantastic/Gotham tinged adventures. It’s a book aimed at a younger audience, and why not as the “academy melodrama” is a hallowed tradition of storytelling?

Fletch subsequently tweeted that they couldn’t show any more but Batgirl writer Cameron Stewart averred that the two books are set in the same universe, in spirit anyway.

Nice to see DC moving forward with a book that has a fresh take on a hallowed canon.

gotham academy.png


  1. Well, the ‘New’ 52 was supposed to be about fresh takes, not retreading ground already worn in, so I’m looking forward to both this and Batgirl. Catwoman seems like it could turn around, too.

    Good on DC for trying something new.

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