Is the Beat obsessed with The View liking comics? Why, yes, because it represents the farthest encroachment of comics culture into the fortress of coffee klatch culture. Of course with Whoopi Goldberg on board, it’s not that hard as she’s the ultimate undercover nerd mole. A longtime comics fan, if she’s not awkwardly plugging Lady Thor, she’s showing off Vamplets, including plush toys and Action Labs comics, as the above photo, supplied by Action Labs, reveals. The incident took place on August 6th during the “Whoopi’s favorite things” segment, as she called Vamplets “A little creepy, but so fun and sweet”. Artwork from the Vamplets’ graphic album, “The Nightmare Nursery: Volume one”, was also featured.

Now if we can just get Jenny McCarthy to speculate on who should play Aquaman. 

Vamplets was created by Gayle Middleton, who was also behind Hasbro’s redesigns of My little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop. The series centers around teenager Destiny Harper who is transported to Gloomvania where she must fight the cute invasion of the l’il Vamplets.

The Nightmare Nursery: Volume One is adapted by writer Dave Dwonch and artists Amanda Coronado and Bill Blankenship. 


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