A bunch of announcements from DC this week and it looks like the iceberg of the 90s house style DC has been mired in for some time is beginning to melt bit in the wake of global sales warming, as there are some new creators with new styles aboard here.


Cover art by Daniel Kuder

§ Klarion the Witch Boy by Ann Nocenti (CATWOMAN, KATANA) and artist Trevor McCarthy (BATWOMAN, BATMAN ETERNAL). Klarion is an old Jack Kirby character—sometimes the old ways are best. Nocenti gabbed with io9 about this book:

io9: Klarion the Witch Boy is a pretty obscure character. Why give him his own series?

Ann Nocenti: Klarion isn’t naturally heroic. He’s not out to save the world or rescue anyone. He’s a mischievous teenager who has done some bad things, but perhaps there’s more to him. So what came to mind was an occult coming-of-age story. The high school years are a strange time of questioning, searching for direction, and rebellion. Klarion’s on a reluctant quest to master sorcery and, hopefully, become one of the protectors the mystical universe.


Cover art by Daniel Kuder
Cover art by Daniel Kuder

§ LOBO is back from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Reilly Brown, with the new Twilight-y Lobo meeting the old Heavy Metal Lobo, now dubbed “Faux-bo.” Clever. CBR has entrance interview.

Trinity-of-Sin-1-Cover (1)

§ All that “Trinity” stuff that kick started the New 52 but then kind of fizzled into a puddle of melted rubber has been condensed into TRINITY OF SIN by J.M. DeMatteis with art by Yvel Guichet and Jason Gordon,

Pandora, The Phantom Stranger and The Question have hated each other for centuries…and nothing has changed! Bound by their individual transgressions to walk the earth for eternity, now in their new ongoing series the Trinity of Sin are forced to work together!

TRINITY OF SIN, written by will pick up with the characters Pandora and the Stranger, following the ending of their solo series in September, and bring in The Question on a quest to save humanity and uncover the darkest secrets of the universe. 

More on this from Newsarama, which seems a little fitting as it’s a throwback book on a throwback site.


§ Catwoman has a new team which includes writer Genevieve Valentine (Girls at the Kingfisher Club, Mechanique, Geek Wisdom) and artist Garry Brown (Five Ghosts, Iron Patriot). So yeah a NEW FEMALE WRTER. And a new Image artist in the “current style.” Sounds like things are loosening up at the old DC ship as the ferries hed to the Grey Havens. Valentine is a Nebula Award winning novelist, as well as a TV recapper and general all around writer f all trades, sounds like. Io( has the interview in the same link as above:

io9: What’s in store for Selina in your Catwoman series?

Genevieve Valentine: After the dust settles in Batman Eternal, Selina Kyle has discovered she’s part of a legacy she never knew before, and heir to the family business. She decides to accept the position, both because she sees a chance to restore a ruined Gotham and because, deep down, Selina’s always played power games against herself. In this arc, she’ll be coming face to face with what she’s willing to do to keep her power, on a scale that could shake the whole city.

Green Arrow_35_53b55c581be547.45853743

§ AND finally, Green Arrows has a new writing team, Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski who produce the hit TV show “Arrow”! Art will be by Daniel Sampere (BATGIRL, TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA).


  1. “Klarion the Witch Boy by Ann Nocenti”

    Sigh, you’d hope DC at least capable to learn from their mistakes. Tomorrow, I guess, they’ll announce new Rob Liefeld series.

  2. With the stable of DC Characters sitting on the bench with no title of their own, and the big winners are Klarion the witch boy, and trinity of sin (2 of the three characters just having had their solo titles cancelled because of bad sales)?

  3. Jon:

    Think that’s bad? What about DC bringing back Deathstroke barely a year after his last series failed miserably? Well, it could be worse–we could be seeing New Batwing#1.

    Seriously, why can DC NOT do a new Kamandi series, especially drawn by Ryan Sook? Keep it out of new 52 continuity, put it on another Earth if you have to, but howsabout it DC? There are allegedly 52 Earths in the DC multiverse now, does EVERY ONE of them have to a freaking variation of the JLA????

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