Late last year Oni Press announced Season of the Bruja, a new five-issue series from writer Aaron Durán, artist Sara Soler, and letterer AndWorld Design’s Jaime Martinez. The series follows a young Latinx magic user as she comes into her abilities and faces reemergent threats from the past. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive look at the variant cover for Season of the Bruja #1 by artist Naomi Franquiz.

Naomi Franquiz’s variant cover for Season of the Bruja #1

Here’s how Oni Press describes Season of the Bruja #1:

Althalia Cabrera might seem like any other witchy Portland hipster whiling away her days behind the counter of a freaky occult museum, but there’s more to her whole deal than a trendy pursuit of the craft. Althalia is a bruja by blood—the youngest in a long line of powerful magic users from a long-ago culture indigenous to Mexico. In her twenty years, Althalia has studied with her loving abuela by her side, supporting and mentoring her use of the family magic, and protecting her from the darkest parts of their practice’s history. But just as Althalia’s inner light and power begins to shine, the darkness of the past finds its way into her world and strikes a tragic blow, testing Althalia in ways she might not be prepared enough to survive.

Naomi Franquiz, also known as Franq, is a rising star artist whose previous credits include BOOM! Studios’s Proctor Valley Road (with Grant Morrison, Alex Child, and Tamra Bonvillain) and Dark Horse Comics’s Tales from Harrow County: Death’s Choir (with Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook). Franq has also provided covers for a number of titles including Buffy the Vampire SlayerBarbalien: Red Planet, and Lumberjanes. Her variant cover for Season of the Bruja #1 is her first work for Oni Press.

Check out the main cover for Season of the Bruja #1, as well as a five-page preview of the debut issue of the series, below. Look for the issue to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, March 30th. The preorder cutoff date for both covers of Season of the Bruja #1 is today, February 28th.