Archie Comics has another Archie Premium Event horror miniseries debuting after Archie Comics: Judgment Day ends this summer. The next installment, The Cursed Library, promises to tie together elements from previous books to create a shared universe for the first time. It also will star Danni Malloy, Archie’s first transgender character.
The Beat has a first-look cover reveal for the second issue, The Cursed Library: Omega. Variant covers are from artists Inhyuk Lee, Skylar Patridge, Craig Cermak, and Julius Ohta.
The Cursed Library: Omega
Cermak cover
Read a synopsis from the publisher here:
The next thrilling chapter of the Cursed Library saga is here! In ALPHA, Danni and Jinx confronted Lucifer himself—over what was supposed to be a family dinner. But the devil can’t be so easily tricked, and while Jinx is separated from her best friend Danni and transported to an uncanny valley version of her life, Madam Satan faces imprisonment. It’s going to take a journey through the depths of Hell to right all that has been wronged! And who they find there may just surprise you!

The writers for the miniseries are Eliot Rahal and Magdalene Visaggio, with art by Craig Cermak and colors by Matt Herms. Jack Morelli is on letters. 

The Cursed Library: Omega
Lee cover
Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante said in a statement:
“THE CURSED LIBRARY PART 2: OMEGA plunges our beloved characters further into the depths than ever before, and they’ve still got a journey in front of them! Jinx is at odds with her father, Satan himself. Madam Satan is wounded, beaten down, and imprisoned, and Danni is just trying to make sense of it all. It stands to reason, though, that if Danni’s going to team up with Madam Satan to confront the past and figure out the puzzle of how to save Jinx, they’re going to encounter demons, personal and literal; some they’ve never seen before, others that look eerily familiar. These gorgeous covers from Craig Cermak, InHyuk Lee, Julius Ohta, and Skylar Patridge all showcase these not-to-be-messed-with ladies as they steady themselves for what lies ahead—and what lies within.”
The Cursed Library: Omega
Ohta cover
Archie Comics Art Director Vincent Lovallo added:
“We have a chaotically cool collection of covers for THE CURSED LIBRARY PART 2: OMEGA, featuring a slew of returning talents from past horror titles. Interior artist Craig Cermak went all in on the action for the main cover; it’s a glimpse of what to expect in the story plus some fun cameos for fans who’ve been keeping up on the horror one-shots including the golden Cheryl Blossom from JINX: GRIM FAIRY TALES. InHyuk Lee captures Danni and Jinx’s unbreakable bond in a dynamic team-up variant, while Julius Ohta returns from MADAM SATAN cover duty to create a stunning ensemble image with the queen of hell herself taking center stage. Finally, Skylar Patridge, who contributed variant covers for STRANGE SCIENCE and August’s KARDAK THE MYSTIC, returns with a gorgeous composition: our main protagonists illuminated by Madam Satan’s fiery power. I’m so pleased with everyone’s incredible work on these covers and can’t wait for fans to get their hands on them in September!”
The Cursed Library: Omega hits stores on September 18.
Patridge cover