Today, on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023, Danni Malloy appears in Chilling Adventures Presents… Jinx: A Cursed Life #1 by writer Magdalene Visaggio, artist Craig Cermak, colorist Ellie Wright, and letterer Jack Morelli. However, this isn’t the last readers will see of the character and her ride-or-die bestie Jinx Holliday. Both will return in Chilling Adventures Presents… Strange Science #1 by Visaggio, Butch Mapa, Wright, and Morelli, with a main cover by Mapa and Wright and a variant cover by Skylar Patridge

Scheduled for arrival at your Local Comic Shop on August 16th, 2023 (and available for preorder there this coming Friday, May 19th, 2023), the one-shot – her third appearance in the modern Archie Horror continuity – will reveal that Danni is transgender.

Strange Science

Main cover by Mapa and Wright.

Here’s the description of Strange Science from the publisher:

“Danni Malloy is Jinx Holliday’s best friend, and where one goes, the other is sure to follow… even if that means through hell and back and forth through the depths of space and time. When Danni receives a mysterious message from former friend Dilton Doiley, Danni is horrified to learn that he’s built a time machine and it’s gone terribly wrong—and now the three of them have been transported to a warped version of Riverdale, where nothing seems quite right. It’s up to Danni to set things right and bring them back to the present day, and the hometown they know and love… and she might have to explain a thing or two to Jinx about what’s going on, too! STRANGE SCIENCE explores Danni’s personal history, time travel, and the importance of being to be true to yourself and what matters most to you.”

While Strange Science is technically a one-shot, it follows up on three previous Archie Horror releases. In addition to today’s Jinx: A Cursed Life, these include last year’s Jinx’s Grim Fairy Tales and Archie’s 2023 Free Comic Book Day offeringThe Cursed Library.

The title of Strange Science alludes to the 1989 series Dilton’s Strange Science, which introduced the original Archie Comics incarnation of Danni. Meanwhile, the Archie Horror incarnation of Danni first appeared in the aforementioned FCBD issue before returning in today’s A Cursed Life.

Arriving in August

Variant cover by Patridge.

Have you been following the Archie Horror releases as they’ve been released, or are you waiting for the TPB collection? Will you be picking up Strange Science when it arrives at your LCS on August 16? Which Archie Horror one-shot has been your favorite so far?

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