Next month Archie Comics will release Chilling Adventures Presents…Madam Satan: Hell on Earth, a new one-shot installment in the publisher’s Archie Horror line. The issue’s story comes from the creative team of writer Eliot Rahal, artist & cover artist Vincenzo Federici, colorist Ellie Wright, and letterer Jack Morelli. Today The Beat is pleased to offer an early look at Federici’s interior artwork from the one-shot, which delivers on the book’s title and features Madam Satan fighting the forces of Hell on Earth.

Here’s how Archie describes Chilling Adventures Presents…Madam Satan: Hell on Earth:

After Madam Satan waged war on Baxter High, Hell descended upon earth, and even she isn’t safe. Madam Satan seeks refuge from the forces of Lucifer in a random suburban home… and who she meets there is surprising. But is this powerful person a friend or foe? And can the two of them work together to summon Eldritch Terrors and stop Satan’s rampage?

The one-shot is the latest Madam Satan adventure since the character’s resurrection as part of the Archie Horror line in 2014. Since then she’s appeared in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as well as in a series of solo stories beginning with her own one-shot in 2020 and continuing in the Chilling Adventures anthology one-shots.

“I don’t think I’ve agonized over something more than Madam Satan: Hell on Earth in a while,” writer Eliot Rahal told The Beat. “I mean . . . I’m always in agony, but that was especially true for this project. After seeing everything that Vincenzo brought to the table, then Ellie’s colors, Jack’s letters, and overall how much work and scope has been put into the Archie Horror line, it definitely made me want to do my best because everyone is clearly very good at everything.” 

Variant Cover by Soo Lee

For Federici’s part, he’s excited to continue to work in the world that he and Rahal have built over the past few years. “Madam Satan is such an incredible character to draw,” he said, “Especially her distinctive horns and hair. And since I love to work on environments, the destroyed/post-apocalyptic ones in this issue were fun, including the iconic ‘Welcome to Riverdale’ sign. Having the opportunity to draw it was a blast!” 

“Vincenzo has such an incredible handle on the Madam Satan character,” said Archie Comics Art Director Vincent Lovallo. “He’s been our go-to artist for all of her adventures since 2021’s CHILLING ADVENTURES IN SORCERY one-shot, and it’s no wonder why! It’s especially evident in the preview pages here, how he depicts the literal hell Madam Satan has gone through. Vincenzo captured the bitterness and exhaustion of her long survival against the forces of Lucifer through his beautiful storytelling and acting; the expressions and body language complement the script perfectly and really drive home the core of each moment.” 

Don’t take his word for it, though, when you can see for yourself in the unlettered preview pages. Check those out below, and look for Chilling Adventures Presents…Madam Satan: Hell on Earth to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, September 20th. The final order cutoff date for the one-shot is next Monday, August 28th.