Archie Comics has announced Chilling Adventures Presents… Jinx: A Cursed Life, as the latest one-shot in their recent Chilling Adventures series. The one-shot features Jinx Holliday, the star of last year’s Chilling Adventures Presents… Jinx’s Grim Fairy Tales, as she attempts to exorcise ol’ Jughead Jones. Writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Craig Cermack will also return, as the creators of last year’s Jinx tale.

Jinx Holiday initially appeared as ‘Li’l Jinx’ in 1946’s Pep Comics by Joe Edwards, and was a mischievous young girl, used to terrorizing the streets of Riverdale. She’s returned in the Archie Horror Imprint as a teenage babysitter, and with her best friend Danni, face the occult head on. 

Here’s Archie’s synopsis of the issue:

Jinx Holliday is a firecracker and a firestarter. Destruction always follows in her wake. And sometimes weirdos stop her and talk about her “destiny.” It’s all combined to create quite the aura of mystery around a 14-year-old girl who just wants some pizza rolls, and while her soul might belong to Satan, her heart belongs to the electric guitar. But one day, when Archie and company come looking for her help because Jughead is acting weird, Jinx and her BFF Danni embark on a mission to exorcize Jughead. It’s the two BFFs vs. Satan for the good of humanity—or at very least, for Jinx to just be free to be a normal 14-year-old girl who just happens to dabble in necromancy and rock ‘n’ roll. 

Chilling Adventures Presents... Jinx: A Cursed Life Cover A by Craig Cermak
Chilling Adventures Presents… Jinx: A Cursed Life Cover A by Craig Cermak

Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante explained the desire to further explore the Archie Horror Icon:

“We’re so excited to return to the world of JINX horror. Magdalene Visaggio brought the character to life so well in last year’s JINX: GRIM FAIRY TALES one-shot, that we knew we wanted her back for more. This time, we get more of a look at Jinx’s personal life—her relationship with her father, her best friend Danni, and her being the go-to exorcist in Riverdale. OK, that last one is a newer development for our Jinx.” 

Cermak was elated to come back to Jinx for this newest special:

“It is a blast to not only continue Jinx’s exploits but to now venture into the occult and otherworldly! Throughout this tale’s hellish predicament, getting to develop the charmingly hilarious interplay between Jinx and Danni is a particular stand-out as an artist—so much room for very fun expressions and mannerisms. Modernizing both characters has been a true honor. The scripts by Magdalene continue to be sharp, fast-paced delights, providing a great mix of humor and horror for me to go wild. Rock ’n’ roll, flying burgers, possession, and friends who’ve got your back—what more could you ask for?”

Chilling Adventures Presents... Jinx: A Cursed Life Cover B by Reiko Murakami
Chilling Adventures Presents… Jinx: A Cursed Life Cover B by Reiko Murakami

Jinx: A Cursed Life will be in stores and digitally on May 17th. This latest installment will come out right after Free Comic Book Day (May 6th), and the release of Archie Horror Presents… The Cursed Library, also featuring Jinx and the same creative team.