I came across Yehuda and Maya Devir’s comic shorts randomly on social media and immediately related to so much of their content (I too prefer a spoon and a jar of Nutella over an elliptical machine). Tapas’ One of the Those Days Vol. 1 collects the couple’s work into a nice, concise package. 

The series follows the couple’s married life, moving from just the two of them to adding children into the bunch. The art is expressive and detailed, and those babies are super cute. 

The collection offers material originally published weekly in their “One of Those Days” webcomic from 2016-2017, which led to millions of followers who could see themselves in nearly every situation presented in the panels. From sleeping next to someone comfortably (or at least comfortably for half of the couple) to being a first-time parent and trying to function on zero sleep, their honest portrayals are funny, heartwarming, and reassuring to anyone who has ever felt alone in their experience.  

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One of Those Days