Marvel’s upcoming slate of Disney+ shows continues to take shape. The Oscar Isaac-starring Moon Knight debuts later this month, and today Disney released a new poster and the first full trailer for another series, Ms. Marvel, which is set to premiere in early June.

Here’s the new poster for the series, which stars Iman Vellani in the titular role. The poster is inspired by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson‘s cover to Ms. Marvel #5.

And here‘s the new Ms. Marvel trailer for your viewing enjoyment:

The tone of the trailer feels right in line with the comic book iteration of Kamala Khan, a superhero fan long before she ever gained powers and became one herself. It also offers our first indication of the source of the MCU Ms. Marvel’s powers. In the comics, Kamala is an Inhuman who gains the abilities to stretch and shape-change after exposure to the Terrigen Mists. Given the pretty much total failure of the Inhumans to take off in the MCU after a poorly-received TV series, it’s no surprise that Marvel is moving away from that origin and powerset for their Kamala, and the trailer indicates she may get her energy-based abilities from a power-infused bracelet that she discovers.

Despite the new powers, there’s a nice nod to the comic book Kamala’s powers as at one point she appears to use her energy powers to make a giant fist. You can’t stop the Embiggening!

Aside from the superheroics, the trailer teases that Kamala’s personal relationships – with people at school and with her family – will be at the center of the series, just as they are in her comics. The trailer also offers a few quick glimpses of Vellani in action in the Ms. Marvel costume.

The Disney+ Ms. Marvel series is set to debut on Wednesday, June 8th.