The Dawn of X is fast approaching as writer Jonathan Hickman‘s X-Men relaunch reaches its conclusion with this week’s Powers of X #6. Now Marvel has released a new teaser image for the upcoming X-Force series by Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara.

X-Force Teaser

The teaser features four panels, with the text “Security Alert!” across the top. The panels are energetic, featuring characters shouting, looking horrified, and racing through the jungle.

So what’s happening here exactly? It’s not entirely clear. We have what appears to be Black Tom Cassidy in the first panel, with someone else running away. The second panel presents an extreme close-up on Sage, while the third panel appears to have Jean Grey sending out a telepathic message. The fourth panel has Wolverine pulling his mask on and running into action.

The solicitation text for X-Force describes the team as “The CIA of the mutant world,” with the team split in half: Sage and Jean Grey (and possibly Black Tom) are on the intelligence side along with Beast, while Wolverine is on the special operations side with Domino and Kid Omega (and possibly Colossus). Based on the teaser, it looks like the intelligence team will report threats to the special ops team for neutralization. But what’s the emergency here exactly? Has someone infiltrated Krakoa? Are they stealing something? The person running away appears to have something slung over their shoulder. Are they a mutant criminal escaping from Krakoa? Couldn’t Jean Grey just whammy them with her telepathy? Why isn’t Black Tom chasing after them?

Whoever it is, it has to be a mutant, as it’s been established that only mutants are allowed on Krakoa unescorted. My guess: the person running away is Quentin Quire just being his normal a-hole self and causing trouble on Krakoa. Maybe this is how he ends up joining the team.

We’ll know for sure what’s going on once the 48-page X-Force #1 goes on sale digitally and in stores on November 6th. Final order cut-off for the debut issue is next Monday, October 14th.