The Princess of Mars has been through battles and darkness as well as peace, thanks to the victories of John Carter and his work on Helium and Thark. In Dejah Thoris and The Green Men of Mars, that peace is fragile, and on the eve of a Red & Green Festival, Dejah Thoris is kidnapped. The traumatizing ordeal triggers her lingering nightmares of abuse and helplessness at the hands of brutal Tharks. On top of that, the kidnapper is nightmare personified: Voro, a villain who caters to a taste some green men never lost—the red meat of Helium women.

Writer Mark Rahner (Twilight Zone, Vampirella/Army of Darkness) and artists Lui Antonio (Warlord of Mars) and Jethro Morales (Vampirella/Army of Darkness, Green Hornet) are at the helm of the 320-page omnibus trade paperback collecting the series. There is also a cover by artist Jay Anacleto featuring Dejah in chains with a green-skinned alien ready to strike from behind.

The Dejah Thoris and The Green Men of Mars Omnibus Trade Paperback is due on shelves on Wednesday October 9. Head over to your favorite local comic retailer for your copy. If you prefer digital, purchase the trade on Comixology, iBooks, Kindle, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more. Stop by Dynamite’s website for more info or to purchase online.

The Beat received the entire first chapter of the trade. Read it for free here.

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