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Marvel Zombies to shamble again this October

The undead denizens of Earth-2149 will return in time for Halloween.

DOCTOR SLEEP trailer channels Kubrick and looks to the past and...

Doctor Sleep trailer sets up a direct sequel to The Shining, with more elevator blood and more Redrum. Get a look at the trailer for the new movie here, which stars Ewan McGregor.

What’s Marvel Teasing Now? An Exercise in Pure Speculation

In which our intrepid reporter attempts to discern the hidden meaning behind Marvel's latest enigmatic teaser.

Get ready for the return of CROWDED with this new three-page...

The teaser introduces the characters and sets up what's to come in the Eisner-nominated series.

The final season of JESSICA JONES gets a release date in...

Marvel's final Netflix series is coming soon.

The latest SWAMP THING teaser is here, and it's stressful

Swamp Thing is the latest series to join the DC Universe streaming service.

Extended AVENGERS: ENDGAME TV spot celebrates the history of the Marvel...

"If we can't protect the earth, you can be damn sure we'll avenge it."

Marvel teases "SPIDER-GWEN NO MORE!" for Earth-65’s resident webslinger

The image is an homage to a classic Spider-Man moment.