Last week Marvel Comics released a series of their patented cryptic teasers for Destiny of X, the upcoming next phase in the publisher’s sprawling X-Men line of titles. Today Marvel unveiled more information about the initiative, including a handful of new titles joining the line, and a new teaser image from artists Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho.

Destiny of X will spin out of the conclusion of the upcoming X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine tandem miniseries. The new info on DoX from Marvel includes titles for four new series from the publisher:

  • Immortal X-Men
  • Knights of X
  • Legion of X
  • X-Men Red

Marvel also teased that a new creative team will be taking over Marauders (though it’s unclear if that new team will include writer Steve Orlando and artist Crees Lee, who are working together on an annual for the series due out in January), and “revolutionary status quo changes” for the remaining titles.

In a statement accompanying the teaser image and announcement, group editor Jordan White teased the upcoming initiative:

“The journey of the Krakoan Age is far from over!” Senior Editor Jordan D. White promises. “Our long-term plan that all our creators have been working on in our secret Council Chamber has only just begun to come to fruition. With the filling of the two empty council seats, the Reign of X has ended, and it’s time for mutantkind to reach for their destiny!”

White’s statement, particularly references to the “long-term plan” for the X-line, seems directly aimed at fans who expressed trepidation about the future of the current X-Men status quo following the departure of its chief architect, Jonathan Hickman.

Check out the previous Destiny of X teasers from Marvel, featuring Destiny, Hope Summers, Magneto, Mr. Sinister, Storm, and Wolverine, below. The publisher has promised more info on the next stage of the X-line in the coming days and weeks.