When you are 13 years old, you are always looking for more. You are in that weird space between being a kid and being slightly more independent as an older teen/young adult. No matter where you live and in what time period, early teendom is confusing. And in BlackSmith, Zoa’s desire for more, specifically from the gods, leads to her taking on way more than she can handle. At least at first.

Created by Boredman (UndeadEd), the supernatural Webtoons series centers on young Zoa, a teen already tasked with cleaning the temple and being kept away from her people’s festival for the gods. Temptation is too much as she spends time around a sacred relic that supposedly grants wishes to those allowed to make an offering to it. 

Zoa is a little skeptical since she hasn’t seen much wish granting in her 13 years, but she’s willing to try. She steals the relic and brings it to her friends so they can also have a shot at getting what they want. As she’s attempting to return the relic, all Hell breaks loose in her home thanks to some raiding pirates. The relic starts to talk to her, offering to help her people and their home if she frees the entity inside. What comes next is the last thing she expects…

The web series offers a fun adventure story, interesting mythology, and even a little humor as Zoa’s coming-of-age tale gets complicated. She learns more than just important life lessons and how to be brave. She sees how complex people can be and how monsters are created when the circumstances are just right. 

BlackSmith updates every Tuesday. Read the first seven installments here.