Ed Zamsa is a traveling salesman just trying to live his normal life. After being declared clinically dead, however, how do you continue on living when you are technically deceased? In UndeadEd Ed must figure out his “new normal,” which certainly comes with its own set of challenges.

Created by French cartoonist Boredman, the supernatural webcomic series is a little bit slice of life (or death?) and a little bit comedy. The quirky, charming tale consists of short episodes of Ed trying to figure out what he actually is now (Zombie? Vampire?) and how his newly undead body now functions…or malfunctions. He’s surprisingly calm as he goes for second opinions from medical professionals, and instead of freaking out, he accepts his new life as a reanimated corpse by trying to find others of his kind. He seeks out clubs with other undead-type characters to see if they may be his new crowd.

The living humans around him don’t seem particularly disturbed by him either, especially a girlfriend of his who seems to enjoy one particular side effect of zombie-hood. And the doctors are comically blasé about his body temperature.

With a total of 120 episodes, the entire run of UndeadEd is available to read on Webtoons. Click here to begin reading.